Running your business on EOS?™
We give people more time to do what they love by filling the Integrator talent gap.

Team Canada

We help you to fill your Integrator talent gap with Integrator Placements, Coaching and Mentorship solutions, to help you fully empower your team and allow you to elevate out of the daily operations of the business.  

Rise Up Business Coaching has partnered with Independent Executives to bring you “The IEX Experience®” a proven process that fills the integrator gap.

IEX was built by EOS experts, for EOS run companies, and has a curated Integrator talent pool. 

Renee Russo 

CEO + Expert EOS Implementer™

Theresa Barnard 

Independent Executives Lead

Built for
the EOS run company

We only work with businesses who are running on EOS. We live and breathe it.

Built by EOS Experts

Our Founders have immense EOS experience Founding, Leading and Implementing. They LMA, GWC & Rock it.

A Curated Talent Pool

It's hard to get a gig with us. Our talent pool is finely curated with only those who have real world EOS experience.

What is an Independent Executives Integrator?

Visionaries have great ideas, Integrators make those ideas a reality


An individual who has EOS Integrator experience and helps businesses integrate the major functions of the business on a part-time basis


All of our Integrators have experience with many different companies and industries and at any one time are working with multiple clients


Our Integrators become an integral part of the leadership team, they are involved with running or supporting your L10's, Quarterly & Annual Planning. They can lead the leadership team which can free up the Visionary to focus on growing the overall strategy and vision for the company

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