Level up your tactical mastery: Become an even better Integrator leading a high performing and harmonious leadership team.

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Are you struggling to find balance in your role as the Integrator?

Imagine confidently leading your team, effortlessly executing and driving your organisation to achieve the vision.

Team leader struggling with multiple tasks

Sitting in the Integrator seat can be lonely, confusing and overwhelming.

  • You often need to say "no" a lot
  • You are spread across all of the teams within the business
  • You can struggle to get the whole team on board with the tools you are trying to implement 
  • It can be hard to find dedicated resources to help you improve as an Integrator and leader
  • Having only one day a quarter to really focus on learning the tools doesn't feel like enough

The Integrator Academy: 
Integrator Development Programs

Young woman studying leadership principles

What's Inside The Integrator Academy

  • Expert Guidance: Self paced lessons guided by experienced EOS® professionals, Integrators and Subject Matter Experts

  • Practical Tools: Get actionable templates, checklists, and 'how-to' guides for Integrator tactical mastery

  • Thriving Community: Connect with like-minded Integrators for support and growth

  • Leadership Excellence: Elevate your leadership skills and create a stronger relationship with your team and Visionary


  • Immediate Access: Start your Integrator journey now and transform your career

  • Expansive Academy: Enjoy access to our ever-expanding library of content, keeping you on the cutting edge of leadership

  • Risk-Free: Cancel any time
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Enjoy access to our ever-expanding library of content, keeping you on the cutting edge of leadership



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What's inside the Integrator Academy

Meet some of your Coaches

All of the guest experts and coaches who join us inside The Integrator Academy have been hand selected to contribute for their diverse experience and expertise. The library is ever expansive and is designed to grow with you as you grow as an Integrator.

Dan Williams

Dan Williams

Visionary, Co-Founder

Murray Smith

Murray Smith


Sammi Jaeger

Sammi Jaeger


Alanna Kane

Alanna Kane


Sara Stern

Sara Stern

Family Business Expert

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Ready to Thrive as an Integrator?

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As a member you'll enjoy access to our ever-expanding library of content, keeping you on the cutting edge of leadership and becoming an even better Integrator each and every quarter.

Most lessons include a short video delivered by a subject matter expert, lesson notes, downloadable checklists, templates or guides and BONUS extra learning resource recommendations.

Some of the lessons inside the ever expanding Integrator Academy

  • Creating a Healthy Leadership Team

  • Removing Obstacles for yourself and your team

  • Preparing yourself for an EOS® Session

  • Understanding the Integrator seat

  • Lifting financial acumen of the team

  • Managing risk as an Integrator

  • Why your L10 sucks and what to do about it

  • Being an Integrator in a family business

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