Our Mission


"We are known for making leadership teams healthier and stronger than they could possibly be without us. Through placement of our Integrators, our clients experience an increase in growth, profitability and impact "

Dan Williams, Independent Executives Visionary

how we can help you

The world needs more Integrators! 


In our experience as EOS® Implementers we see many Australian businesses held back by their capacity to execute. 

Often, this is because their Integrator is trying to hold down several seats in the business or growing into the Integrator role.  


We decided to do something about this.  


  • We're removing the cost barrier that can be intimidating when you are looking to fill the Integrator seat as a full time            resource in your leadership team. 

  • We are elevating the Integrators out there, supporting them and their teams on their EOS® journey. 

  • We are enabling you to start your EOS® journey today, you no longer have to wait until you have an Integrator. 

  • We recognise that there is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to the needs of your team and business. 

  • We have structured our engagement with different levels to allow you to maintain your independence while taking control of the journey.

3 ways we can support you

Laptop Work

Your Integrator seat is vacant, we can drop in and fill the void. We will help you keep everyone rowing in the same direction, maintaining traction while you formulate a plan. You've either just started your EOS® journey, had an Integrator leave, or maybe they have moved into a role that aligns with their unique super power. 


You are an Integrator or have an Integrator who is splicing their time across a few seats. We will step into the co-pilot seat to help you get on with it. We will bring specific Integrator functions that help elevate you to your super power. We will help the team maintain traction and get more done. 


Business Meeting

Being an Integrator can be a lonely experience, holding the team accountable and keeping your Visionary under control. We are here for you! We will be in your corner in good times and in bad. We will establish a rhythm that allows you to process your thoughts, elevate your thinking and connect with a peer who understands your unique challenges. 

The right placement or the first month is free

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What is an Integrator?

The Integrator is the glue in your leadership team. It is their role to make sure all the moving parts of the business come together to deliver outcomes that align with your vision.  


They understand what the future looks like and break that vision down into executable actions that occur every day.  


Integrators are adept at removing barriers, managing and resolving conflicts and can help direct the resolution of issues the team are struggling with. 


They empower and build trust across the team to allow the people they lead to be their best.  

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what is aN Independent executives integrator?

One of our incredible Integrators joins an EOS® company in an affordable, part-time-but-full-attention capacity, to support the leadership team to drive business success. They push for progress and work to keep the business organised and on-task while freeing the Founder up to focus on the big ideas.

We have a team of Integrators available to support you and your Leadership Team.

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