Why you should become an Independent Executive Integrator‚ĄĘ?

We give people more time to do what they love by filling the Integrator talent gap.

Independent Executives‚ĄĘ started in Australia and has since expanded to include Canada through a successful licensing agreement.

We are always on the look out for excellent Integrators to join our curated talent pool.

Amplify your impact

Focused outcomes and accountabilities. One to many service that is repeatable.

Just be you!

No selling - No billing - No marketing.

Grow with us

Active community of likeminded peers - Ongoing development and support with access to EOS© experts

Who we are looking for to become an Integrator with Independent Executives:

1. Real world EOS© experience : You've worked as a leader in a business or organisation running on EOS (ideally with an EOS Implementer)

2. Confident decision maker: We are looking for individuals who possess the ability to make bold and decisive choices, taking calculated risks while remaining steadfast in their convictions. You are brave.

3. Coachable: We value professionals who are open to learning and growth, willing to receive feedback, and actively seek opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

4. Capable of having difficult conversations: We seek executives who can navigate challenging discussions with grace and empathy, effectively addressing sensitive topics to achieve resolution and foster a positive work environment.

5. Autonomous:  We value executives who can work independently, demonstrate self-motivation, and take ownership of their responsibilities while effectively managing their time and resources.

7. Desire agility and flexible working: We are looking for professionals who embrace change, adapt quickly to new situations, and thrive in dynamic work environments that offer flexibility and innovative approaches to work-life balance. 

7. Seeking variety: We seek executives who thrive on diverse challenges, enjoy exploring new opportunities, and are motivated by the chance to work on a wide range of projects and initiatives.

8. Strong relationship management: We value individuals who excel in building and nurturing relationships, possess exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and can effectively collaborate with stakeholders to achieve shared goals.

9. Values aligned: We are seeking individuals who share our core values and are committed to upholding ethical standards, integrity, and inclusivity in their professional pursuits. 

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What is an Independent Executives Integrator?

Visionaries have great ideas, Integrators make those ideas a reality


An individual who has EOS© Integrator experience and helps businesses integrate the major functions of the business on a part-time basis


Most Independent Executives Integrators have experience with many different companies and industries and at any one time are working with multiple clients


IEX Integrators become an integral part of the leadership team, they are involved with running or supporting your L10's, Quarterly & Annual Planning. They can lead the leadership team which can free up the Visionary to focus on growing the overall strategy and vision for the company

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