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We give people more time to do what they love by filling the Integrator talent gap.

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Five common frustrations of a Visionary who needs an Integrator

1. Control
- You have less control & it feels like the business is now controlling you.

2. Lack of Profit - No matter how hard you work, the numbers just don’t add up.

3. People - Nobody seems to understand you or do things your way. You’re just not on the same page.

4. Hitting the ceiling - Growth had stopped. The business is more complex and you can’t figure out exactly why it isn’t working.

5. Nothing is working - You’ve tried several remedies, consulted books and instituted quick fixes. None of these have worked for long.

Who are we?

Founded by EOS® Professionals, our knowledge and experience will accelerate your growth, profitability and impact.

Our  Integrators are available across Australia & Canada to support you and your team either remotely or directly in your boardroom.

We have hand-picked, trained and prepared our integrators to deliver real world impact. They are versatile professionals with diverse backgrounds, but ultimately they are real people. They have direct access to the highest level of EOS® expertise, the best tools, and the most relevant resources to fuel you on your EOS® journey. 

Dan Williams

Co-Founder & Visionary 

Dan Williams is an Expert EOS® Implementer, serial entrepreneur and the Asia Pacific Community Leader at EOS® Worldwide.

Murray Smith


Murray Smith is a Certified EOS® Implementer an MBA graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the co-author of the best selling book ‘The 90 Day Business Goal Tracker.’

Sammi Jaeger

Co-Founder & Integrator 

Sammi Jaeger was an Integrator at a seven figure global business. Now she uses her intimate knowledge of EOS® and the Visionary and Integrator relationship dynamic to help business owners accelerate their ideas.​

Renee Russo 

Canadian Master Licensee 

Renee is a the CEO as Rise Up Business Coaching, an Expert EOS® Implementer, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor.

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What is an Independent Executives Integrator?

Visionaries have great ideas, Integrators make those ideas a reality


An individual who has EOS® Integrator experience and helps businesses integrate the major functions of the business on a part-time and temporary basis


Most Independent Executives Integrators have experience with many different companies and industries and at any one time are working with multiple clients


Independent Executives Integrators become an integral part of the leadership team, they are involved with running or supporting your L10's, Quarterly & Annual Planning. They can lead the leadership team which can free up the Visionary to focus on growing the overall strategy and vision for the company

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Some of our clients

"The one essential combination that will get you more of what you want from your business: Visionary + Integrator"

Gino Wickman + Mark C Winters 

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) is a set of simple concepts and practical tools used by more than 170,000+ companies around the world to clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision. Look at your business in a whole new way – through the lens of the Six Key Components™

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