Understanding the value of an exceptional Integrator.

Apr 16, 2024


In the dynamic landscape of business, having a skilled Integrator is akin to having a well-tuned engine powering your entrepreneurial vehicle. This white paper delves into the critical role of an Integrator within an organisation running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS). We explore their skill set, the challenges of finding exceptional Integrators, and how Independent Executives (IEX) offers a unique solution.


The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) provides a framework for businesses to thrive by aligning their vision, strategy, and execution. At the heart of this system lies the integrator, a key player responsible for translating the visionary’s ideas into actionable plans. Let’s delve deeper into the skill sets of an integrator.

The role of an EOS Integrator

  • Operational Excellence: Integrators are operationally oriented individuals who focus on execution. They bridge the gap between visionary ideas and practical implementation. Their role encompasses planning, goal-setting, and ensuring alignment with the company’s vision.
  • Strategic Planning: Integrators collaborate closely with the visionary to chart short-term and long-term strategies. They evaluate customer needs, understand the expenditure associated with strategies, plan the execution of strategies and specify performance requirements.
  • Driving Growth: Integrators transform ideas into reality. They execute the business plan, achieve profit and loss objectives, and drive growth. Their ability to align teams and coordinate efforts is pivotal.
  • Tools and Processes: Integrators leverage EOS tools such as the scorecard, accountability chart™, and Level 10 meeting™. These tools enhance organisational alignment and performance.

 The challenge of finding exceptional Integrators

Integrators are rare gems. Their unique blend of strategic thinking and execution prowess can make them elusive. Organisations may struggle to find Integrators who fit seamlessly into their culture and drive results.

  •  Unique Skill Set: Their ability to translate abstract concepts into actionable plans is rare1.
  • Operational Excellence: Integrators are operationally oriented individuals who thrive on execution.
  • Yin-Yang Relationship: EOS recognises the importance of the “right people in the right seats.” The visionary and integrator roles form the core leadership team. While visionaries set lofty goals and embody the company’s culture, integrators work behind the scenes to execute those goals. Their complementary roles are essential for organizational success1.
  • Scarcity: Their ability to balance strategic thinking with hands-on execution is hard to come by. Organisations often struggle to find Integrators who fit seamlessly into their culture and drive results2.

In summary, the scarcity of exceptional integrators, their skill set, and the need for seamless execution contribute to organisations struggling to scale. 

Independent Executives (IEX)

IEX offers a curated talent pool of integrators across Australia and Canada. Our core focus is giving people more time to do what they love by filling the Integrator talent gap. At IEX, here’s how we address the scarcity of exceptional integrators:

  •  A curated talent pool – IEX integrators have ‘been there done that’, they know EOS and what being the integrator function is all about. They are not learning on the job.
  • On going development and support – IEX integrators don’t do it alone, they leverage the IEX community of likeminded peers to tap into the wisdom of the crowd.     
  • The Integrator Academy – IEX integrators have free access to the Integrator Academy. This platform helps IEX integrators maintain contemporary tactical mastery to make sure the businesses they work with get the best integrator experience.
  • Built for businesses running on EOS – the only businesses that IEX work with are those running on EOS. They can have either an implementer or self-implementing but must be running on EOS. We don’t work with anyone else.


An exceptional Integrator is the linchpin of an EOS-driven business. Their ability to execute, align teams, and drive growth is invaluable. As organisations seek these rare talents, Independent Executives stands ready to give you more time to do what you love by filling the integrator talent gap to propel businesses toward greatness.




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