Abundance Minded | Brave | CandouR   On PURPOSE | Humble Confidence

We are always on the look out for incredible Integrator talent.

As an Independent Executives Integrator you get
- Use proven tools to support EOS® run companies
- Learn with EOS® experts both Implementers and Integrators
- Connect with likeminded peers and have on-going development

If you are...
- Familiar with EOS®
- Freelancing or contracting at an executive leadership level
- Looking to connect with a likeminded group of professionals

- Wanting a way to maintain your flexible working while still making huge impact
- Brave, you go first, you do what you say and you do the right thing
- Abundance Minded, you help first, you believe a rising tide lifts all ships and that two heads are better than one
- Candid, you can challenge directly and communicate with clarity and honesty. Always.
- Humble and Confident, you know your stuff but you are proud, not arrogant
- Purposeful, you do things with intention and desire making an impact

- A confident decision maker
- Coachable 
- Capable of having difficult conversations 
- Enjoy working autonomously  
- Value relationships both personally and professionally

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